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Maskit fashion house presents its AW19 collection Inspired by the Courting Period

Maskit, under the hands of head designer Sharon Tal, reveals it’s AW 2019 collection “The courting period begins”.

March is the the month in which the Hoopoe bird, Israel's national bird, begins its courting period.

The male bird calls out its loud unique sounds for his mate. While courting, it spreads its wings to reveal its skin.

In this new collection we relate the story of the courting period, following the national bird, with its loud unique music, the exotic blossoming flowers of spring and the colorful shades of the landscape.

Maskit’s familiar defining features- It’s non compromising high quality, meticulous details and handmade embroidery accentuating the authentic inspiration it draws from its surroundings, can be seen in this collection as well.

The collection is assembled from impressive evening garments, eclectic cocktail dresses, timeless smart-casual pieces and an innovated version for the iconic X embroidery- an authentic hand-knitted embroidery inspired from Vogue’s Maskit front page issue from 1969. This embroidery ornaments Maskit’s iconic desert coats, trousers and jackets.

A special new fabric was designed especially for this collection, inspired by the historic fabrics that are well recognized with the brand and have been a part of its DNA for 65 years.

Maskit’s new bridal collection will also be presented, following its highly acclaimed launch in the NY fashion week just last month.

On the runway you can find spectacular hand-painted evening gowns, presenting a colorful monochromatic vision of the glory of nature, alongside beaded handmade embroidery on flowing silk and chiffon fabrics. dresses made of one of a kind woven fabric made especially for the fashion house, inspired by a vintage fabric made by Maskit in the 60s for Dior. And of course The iconic desert coat in new embroideries and styles, next to eclectic jeans items.

The models will wear sunglasses by the leading Israeli international company, Smoke X Mirrors, combined with especially made chains by Maskit.

Sharon Tal: “when I approached this collection, after a long exploration of geography and landscape, I wanted to explore different layers of the Israeli animal characteristics, including the national bird, the Hoopoe.

what fascinates me about the Hoopoe, except for the fact that I find it one of the most beautiful birds, was that moment when the courting takes place. These moments involve so many colors, textures and layers that reveal a whole new world of shapes, fabrics and movements.

I think that in this new collection we revealed a some more fascinating and elaborate sources of inspirations that exist in the Israeli geography and allowed ourselves to express a more raw, natural element.”

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