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When FP PR & MEDIA was launched in 2012, founder Anna La Germaine stated:

“The fashion industry is crowded and might seem at times hectic and noisy but in each individual, you can find a beautiful story”.

Since then, FP PR & MEDIA has been committed to inspire and lead to success brands with tailor-made services, with much transparency and devotion, through building strong personal relationships within the industry.

Services can range from business consulting, media planning to image consulting and guiding you how to build a strong international brand. It can put you in touch with producers, buyers, and distributors.  It can create an entire integrated media plan, including magazines, events, and social media. Finally, how to make your brand recognizable and successful internationally.
We can count on a vast network of professionals and create partnerships that last for life. Only in this way business can contribute to creating a better world.



Tina Kunakey for ELLE Ukraine photographed by

Ellen von Unwerth

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