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HARUNOBUMURATA presents F/W 19/20

As Achille Castiglioni designed to create an effect of light rather than the surface of an object, the Autumn-Winter 2019/20 collection by HARUNOBUMURATA is focused on the act, posture and sensation you feel when you put a garment on.

Deep slits placed on the side of the double face coat naturally lead you to put your hand in the pocket, creating a posture that gives you confidence. Darts sewn outside bring delicate movement like the lingering scent of a woman. The bag stands by itself. Exclusively designed metal accessories highlight the essence of using the bag rather than just designing its surface.

HARUNOBU thinks that the ideal garment is the one that vanishes when it’s put on and leaves only the woman with beautiful posture and confidence lead by a dress. This is what HARUNOBUMURATA offers through the garment. So, the collection looks minimal and quite at first sight, but you will find a lot of deep research and study of the cut and choice of materials in it.

From the choice of fabrics to the pattern cutting, Harunobu combined the Italian and Japanese cultures in which he grew up bringing out the inner beauty of a woman.

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