Urgent PR

This Service is meant to serve brands, that seek for additional PR distribution and wish to get exposed to press editors, buyers and stylists on a monthly or annual basis, without being stringed to a certain PR agency.


In order to create partnerships with press, buyers and stylists and gain celebrity endorsements, it is highly crucial to always stay TOM, which this URGENT PR service will aim to achieve exactly. 



1. URGENT PR by Fashion Politique Ltd. service is an additional PR service to a brand/company and isn’t considered as a main PR or Media consulting service. It is up to the brand to decide if they use only this service as their PR strategy or not.

2. This service is not a full time PR service; it’s an automated service called to distribute information about the brand to a professional network of 3000+ journalists worldwide, 2000+ buyers and 250 celebrity stylists (depending on the plan that a brand/company chooses).

3. The newsletters will be sent out every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, according to the selected plan;

  1. If a brand selects a plan based on press distribution only, as in plan “Game on”, newsletters will be distributed, twice a month, to press only.

  2. If a brand selects a plan based on buyers distribution only, as in plan “Buyers action”, newsletters will be distributed, twice a month, to buyers only.  

  3. If a brand selects a plan based on stylists distribution only, as in plan “Celebrity TOM”, newsletters will be distributed, twice a month, to stylists only.  

  4. If a brand chooses a distribution plan where press, buyers and stylists are all included,  as in plans “Feeling Lucky”, “TOM long run”, “Priority TOM”, 6 newsletters, per month, would be produced and distributed among those three channels.

4. Once subscribed to a plan, brand should expect to be included in the following newsletter, within two weeks, after the subscription and only once payment  is fully paid and when payment account is authorised and confirmed.

5. Fashion Politique Ltd. holds the full rights to refuse distributing a brand and will provide a full refund excluding transaction fees (e.g. bank charges, paypal commissions, etc.), in case the brand has already subscribed.

  1. Cause of refusals could be due to lack of required materials, low quality of materials provided or any other reasonable cause Fashion Politique Ltd. finds as not suitable for distribution, based on their professional judgement.

6. Brand subscribed to any one of the listed plans should be able to provide a browsable Dropbox link to a folder which will contain all of the following materials (aka “Brand’s assets”):

  • Brand Logo in jpg and png and in ai or psd formats.

  • A relevant press release of the collection (Word.doc and PDF).

  • An up to date designer’s bio PDF file.

  • An up to date brand lookbook (of the latest collection).

  • An up to date packshots of the most recent collection.

  • Relevant linesheet (according to collection added to file and when distributing to buyers).

  • Contact information of brand where press, buyers and stylists can approach; email, phone number, skype, linkedin profile and postal address.

  • Links to brand/company social media pages such as  instagram, facebook, etc.

7. Brand subscribed to the service yet failed to provide materials during two weeks period - will not be refunded and will not be included in the following newsletter distribution, until providing the required materials.

8. Brand with no current or up-to-date materials can contact FP PR & Media at info@fp-pr.com and set up a free 30 minutes consultation call to discuss all the details of what is needed and receive a custom offer by FP PR & Media team members, including pricing and timing.

9. Brand agrees that materials distributed across press and/or buyers and/or stylists channels can be used by them and they’ll not be accused for any copyright infringement or any other intellectual property rights violation.  

  1. Fashion Politique Ltd. is a distributor and does not control how the materials provided by brand/company will be used.

  2. Brand/company allows Fashion Politique Ltd. to mention it as a client and publish materials such as imagery, logos, texts and more of the brand’s assets on its website, social media and related publications.

10. Brands subscribing to any of the Urgent PR service plans, understands and agrees that Fashion Politique Ltd. does not promise or guarantee specific or overall results or returns from public relations, publicity, research or any other action formed by Fashion Politique Ltd..  After material has been issued by agency to the media, its use is no longer under Fashion Politique’s control. Fashion Politique can not assure the use of the material by any organisation, similarly, Fashion Politique can not control the form of manner of use by any form of media, including, but not limited to, the accurate presentation supplied by Fashion Politique. However, Fashion Politique will do all in its power to get the material exposed to media in the best way to serve the subscribed brand.

11.  Except as specifically set forth in this list of Terms and Conditions of using the Urgent PR services, as offered in www.fp-pr.com, Fashion Politique Ltd. makes no express or implied warranties of any kind, whether alleged to arise by law of international acts. In no event will Fashion Politique Ltd. be liable for any loss of profits, business interruption or any form of special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages of any kind arising out of or relating to performance under this agreement, unless caused by gross negligence or intentional acts.

12. Design and layout of the distributed newsletters will be according to Fashion Politique’s professional judgement and will not require approval from brand subscribing to its services.

13. Brands subscribed to any of the offered plans shall read and agree to the TERMS OF USE of this services.