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TOXIC PLANET 2049 / story for Numero December issue 2018

This story feels very important as it uncovers one of the most critical subjects – plastic pollution. The idea of this project was to raise awareness of plastic crisis through fashion photography.

Credits of the team:

Photographer: George Livieratos

Art director: Elena Borovitska

Stylist: Arnold Milfort

Consultant: Anna la Germaine

PR Agency: FP PR&Media (

Fashion must be more meaningful and vocal on actual matters. The team hopes that this editorial for Numero Russia December 2018 issue is going to make an impact and people are going to be more aware of this global problem.

At least 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in the ocean every year. According to the new study plastic microparticles (or microplastics) are getting into the flesh of the fish that is in the end eaten by humans. Microplastics are way more dangerous than common plastic waste. It can be smaller than 5 millimeters and it means it can be ingested by a wide range of creatures – starting from plankton to human population. Ingested microplastic particles can carry heavy metals, toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. Researchers are still in the process of finding out real scale of microplastic effect on humans. Although it’s already known that plastics impact whole ecosystems, including soil in which we grow our food, water that we drink and air that we breath. Plastic is slowly killing us and our planet!

Currently scientists are developing bioplastics, which are made from plant crops instead of fossil fuels to create substances that are more environmentally friendly than conventional plastics. Others are working to make plastics that are truly biodegradable. It's a good sign and probably it could be a great solution for our environment, however scientists still need time for research and development in this field.

But do you think we have time? We don't! We have crossed this line long time ago and we are already experiencing the pollution impact on our lives. As shocking as it may sound there is a big chance that even you have some amount of microplastics in the body.

Our habits of using excess amounts of plastics in our daily lives only worsened the problem. We must change our mindset and do anything possible to protect environment and ourselves. For one we must abandon or at least minimize the usage of plastic bags, takeaway cups, plastic straws and even skin scrub that have plastic beads...

Our story gives an alarming picture on what is going to happen in the future unless we take measures. We are showing the contamination of our planet, sickness, uncertainty and effect on all social classes. It doesn’t really matter if you are rich or poor - the disaster affects every single one of us. We want this editorial to be a wakeup call and motivation for people to be more informed on the subject and responsible towards our nature.

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